El Paso County Bond Program

Strong and Healthy Families 30 p.m. Judge Lin Billings Vela also brought up outstanding warrants Nations holds in El Paso County. Those include felony menacing with bond set at $10,000, first-degree criminal trespassing with.

The county also is taking steps to bolster its pretrial services program, which helps the 4th judicial district identify who's eligible for PR bonds.

Buying a home can be affordable thanks to a partnership between the El paso housing finance corporation and local home mortgage lenders. Eligible home buyers in the El Paso program area have a chance to own a home of their own with down payment and/or closing cost assistance.

MATTERS–Certain Constitutional Limitations." The Bonds do not constitute general obligations of El Paso County, the State of Colorado or any political subdivision thereof other than the District. Neither of the State of Colorado (except as described in "SECURITY AND REMEDIES–State Intercept Program"), El Paso County nor any other political

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